Barco Rugged Remote
für SLM Projektoren inkl. Case
300,00 €
Blackmagic Multibridge Pro II
Standalonebetrieb als Bidirektionaler Formatconverter: FBAS, YUV, HD/SD SDI, 2 x analog Audio XLR audio embedder/de-embedder realtime Capture und Playback/Playout mit PCIe-Karte und PCIe Kabel   ... (mehr lesen)
1.188,00 €
eyeheight CC-2 canaletto SDI color corrector
This unit is a simple cost effective colour correction system which will give individual control of R,G and B Gains, Lifts and gamma. The system also inherently legalises the signal enabling the user to make full use of the colour correc ... (mehr lesen)
3.120,00 €